TMZ Video of William and Kate

Important Note:  The following content is purely speculative, and there is no concrete evidence or proof to support it. Our foremost wish is for Kate Middleton’s safety and well-being, and we hope she is peacefully recovering in a secure environment. However, until there is verifiable confirmation of her status and she resurfaces, we feel it’s crucial to shed light on areas where information appears to be obscured or withheld.

Okay guys, the moment we have been waiting for…. finally a video of “Kate?”

Check out below -they want us to believe this is ..Kate?! Wait, that’s not her. Now this is getting more and more creepy by the minute! #WhereisKate Leave comments below – do you think this is the Princess of Wales?

Allegedly Kate walking with William.


  • Why does she look so young now?
  • Why isn’t anyone looking at them?
  • Are those Christmas decorations?
  • She lost a lot weight since last week


3 responses to “TMZ Video of William and Kate”

  1. She’s also carrying what looks like a heavy shopping bag despite being in recovery from abdominal surgery … Sus!

  2. If the RF keep up this charade, I have a feeling that some very unpleasant facts will soon emerge not only about Will & Kate but also about Diana and her contemporaries. Just like the Covid saga made us revisit the AIDS history and its [identical] principal actors.

    That said, there COULD be a wholly deliberate agenda at play here, what some bloggers see as the UK monarchy’s controlled demolition. Oopsie! Kate’s a goner, Liz is dead, Harry’s becoming a US citizen, and Charles has cancer. Never mind the adulterous Rottweiler. And to all a Good Night!

  3. Avatar
    Caring & Concerned

    I mentioned this under another post re: the shop, but: in the video, they seem to have colorized everything except Fake Kate’s skin on her calves – between the socks and pants. It’s grey. Not white, not flesh-toned.. Instead: Grey.

    This alone should get London police to act on more than breached medical records.. this additional fake coverup.

    The majority of people, politicians, and government workers are now behind “any” efforts to expose evil if this is going on.

    Evil is now outnumbered in every capacity.. So, with few obstacles, may Good and justice be unearthed and prevail.

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