“Where Is Kate Middleton” Song

  • She had plastic surgery on her face, it went all wrong and now she has to hide her defomed face from the rest of the world..


  • William was doing Lady Gabriella, Kate finds out and tries to leave the Firm. They HAVE to stop her. She tells Kingston, who kills himself. Kate might have been at the end of an attempt on her life. Now we see fake Kates in the media. Is Carole really on life support after a head on collision? Maybe she went to save her daughter and grandchildren


  • Kate had abdominal surgery as reported. She also had a face lift and other cosmetic surgery, including a tribute to her favourite Sci-fi show Star Trek. She got the Vulcan package.

    Queen K

  • She’s gone M.I.A after growing tired of William’s repeated infidelity so they’ve had to hire a body double who’s undergoing training as we speak. Hence the edited photos, as they hope we don’t notice that it”s a body double when she appears in public

    Kate’s PR Manager

  • This is the fade out process. The men who will become the future kings always have mistresses they marry who they are supposed to marry in the public eyes so that women will become queen. They did this with Princess Diana.

    The royal Crown

  • Kate ran away with Lloyd Austin because they are in love.


  • I think she just have done some plastic surgery and is just recovering from it. They just dont want to tell it.

    Palmer S

  • She was poisoned. It was in the wine. Her double was prepping for replacement, but the AI detected correctable features in the doubles’ facial structure. The doubles’ facial features will be healed by late April.


  • The royal family were advocating for the jab, including William & Kate. She may have suffered from a covid vax injury which is why it’s cloaked in mystery and censorship.


  • Christmas Day Kate was playing hide & seek with the kids & they just don’t know where she’s hidden


  • Facelift. Check the face puffiness compared to her normal gaunt look in the photo with her mum in the car. She’ll likely return looking slightly refreshed.


  • A family member told me a few days ago that she is in hospital due to her starving herself and anorexia and has been having mental health problems revolving around her weight for a while. She’s currently being fed through a tube.

    Reddit / Anonymous

  • William killed her. They are using this time to create a body double. Three months is about the time it takes for the new body double to recover from plastic surgery.


  • I heard Kate Middletown is in a mental facility in Norfolk after having a major psychiatric breakdown due to her having a colostomy bag fitted.


  • Why do all three children have their middle and ring fingers crossed in the edited photo? Could it be to signify that they’re lying, or that the photo is a lie?


  • I liked the icon with the guy hiding under the bed better than the broken heart!


  • She had abdominal surgery, but suffered from a stroke during the procedure. She is in medical rehab. Just a theory with ZERO evidence.


  • Mental breakdown bc divorce Or fleeing with the kids while settling unwanted divorce


  • She’s a contestant on masked singer and they’re trying to hide her


  • The deliberate leaking of stories around her mental health, stress etc is William trying to set the stage for divorce. He wants to paint her as a crazy, controlling, mess of a woman, a terrible mother, having roving affairs, an alcoholic


  • Kate is in very bad condition or possibly getting mental health counseling/care for an eating disorder and not around her children at all while recovering.