Last Public Appearance: December 25, 2023
Last Video Appearance: March 22, 2024
Recent Public Appearance: June 15, 2024

The Princess of Wales is seen in real-time at the Trooping the Colour.

We’ve finally received the confirmation we sought: a live video of Kate Middleton with her children and William. This is what we’ve been waiting for since her disappearance six months ago. AI-generated videos, doctored photos, and false sightings only fueled more speculation.

BREAKING NEWS: Kate Middleton did attend the Trooping the Colour on June 15, 2024

Where you at, Kate?
TMZ Video of William and Kate

Is this video TMZ captured the Princess of Wales?

Do you have a theory?


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Det. Arti’s KateGate

Where’s Kate?

Royal mystery

Missing Moles

Do you really expect us to believe Kate Middleton is an advanced Photoshop user?

FACT: A lie on top of a lie creates an undeniable lie that needs to be uncovered!

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SUS: The kids have been missing from the spotlight since December 25, 2023.

Why’s no one talking about the fact that William has been the only one in the public eye since December 25, 2023?

March 22, 2024 – Video of Kate Middleton diagnosed with cancer