Royal Photoshop Fails: The Truth Behind the Perfect Image

Royal Photoshop Fails: The Truth Behind the Perfect Image

Important Note:  The following content is purely speculative, and there is no concrete evidence or proof to support it. Our foremost wish is for Kate Middleton’s safety and well-being, and we hope she is peacefully recovering in a secure environment. However, until there is verifiable confirmation of her status and she resurfaces, we feel it’s crucial to shed light on areas where information appears to be obscured or withheld.

Of course there are edits on the photos – did people really think the royal family wouldn’t want to appear perfect? It’s no secret that the royals meticulously curate their public image, and that often involves a bit of digital touch-up here and there. But the recent revelation about photoshop edits on previous royal photos has sparked quite the stir.

Take, for instance, the Mother’s Day photo that recently made headlines. The editing job was so poorly executed that it left many scratching their heads. But perhaps the royal family thought they could get away with it. After all, they’ve been subtly editing their photos for years, and no one has questioned them before.

But this time, the flaws in the editing were too glaring to ignore. From wonky proportions to bizarre distortions, it was clear that someone had been a little too heavy-handed with the airbrush tool. And it begs the question: if the royals are willing to go to such lengths to present a flawless image, what else are they hiding behind the scenes?

In a world where social media reigns supreme and appearances are everything, it’s no surprise that even the royal family isn’t immune to the pressures of perfection. But as the recent photoshop debacle has shown, sometimes the quest for flawlessness can backfire spectacularly. Perhaps it’s time for the royals to embrace their imperfections and show the world that they’re human, just like the rest of us.


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    Caring & Concerned

    So far, no media has covered the photoshopped images on & above Charlotte’s head in the Mother’s Day photo.

    I had noticed someone mentioned a word spelled out in the branches above Charlotte’s head, “Help”.. and while I had a hard time picking this out, it looks like the word goes up at an angle to the right. If that is the case, a very noticeable teeny picture of Kate has been placed as the 2nd letter of that word.

    Regardless of the word “Help” being seen or not seen, the teeny pic of Kate appears above Charlotte’s head – almost like Kate is looking out of a window. It’s very small, but the hair around her face (with flesh-toned skin.. versus the grey skin seen on the legs of the “fake Kate” walking through the shops video) mimicks the hair on the face of Kate in large center photo of Kate in the same photo.

    Where it begins to get creepy is where Charlotte’s center hair part is lightened.. so that it brings attention to this area of the photo –> and there is a cartoon “rat” type of image laid on top of the right of Charlotte’s head (“her” right), and directly up from that lightened hair part is the teeny image of Kate.

    The first time I saw the image, it looked like there was black tape over Kate’s mouth. If one can see the word “Help” in that area, then the teeny pic of Kate forms the word “e”..

    Lastly, between Charlotte’s hair part and the teeny pic of Kate above it, there is a quarter front profile of a man wearing yellow, like a sports uniform.. just above and to the right of Charlotte’s hair part.

    Is someone from the staff.. a “rat”.. trying to indicate a message of help involving Kate and/or Charlotte?

    Why is there a teeny pic of Kate above Charlotte’s head (it’s fuzzy around the edges, like a dot pic placed there in photoshop) — or – for sure – a superimposed cartoon rat – on Charlotte’s head?

    So: three images are on/above Charlotte’s head. At the very least, the rat on her head can be seen clearly. Bizarre.

    For evidence, check out any of the Mother’s Day pics printed digitally in the paper & download to either a really good phone or computer (not as easily seen on poorer quality cell phone photo programs)..

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